A method for purchase

We would like to inform you that as of this time, we will change the price of download albums.
( 2011/12/03 )

"For art pieces, there is difference in price per each piece. Even in restaurants or in convenience stores, every menu has different price.
It is taken as a matter of course, but it is not taken for music.
Regardless of the size or contents, it would be the same price for every work.
I've always thought that I should to set an appropriate price for each work as the matter of course. Thus I do it at this time. " (JINMO)


Pursuant to JINMO's will, we set different price for each album from now on.
And it would be calculated as "$ 0.008 per second".

If the album is 50 minutes (3,000 seconds) long, it would be $24.
25 minutes album would be $12.
100 minutes album would be $48.

And now we can release aggressive some short pieces like "1 minute album" which had difficult to release in uniform price so far.
Also, we will change the prices of previously released albums to new price gradually.


We also quit distribution of PDF booklet and large jacket from this time for streamlining.
However you can get information of the album on our website and it would be for size reduction of datafile.
This brings the release in the exact timing with the moment of completion.
(JINMO says that he hates making booklet after the completion of sound is troublesome.)

About the purchase

You can take a look at an introduction page for each work before doing a purchase.
There are background information, and sound samples for download.
Click on album title or jacket to get to the information page.

You can get to a purchase page when you click button at an introduction page.

The payment will be in U.S. dollers. (You can select your language for the purchase process, which can be chosen from 12 languages) The price in your country's currency will depend on the current day's exchange rate.

We use Kagi for the payment service, which allows safe, secure, encrypted transactions using credit cards and other means of payment.
Kagi uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for transfering personal and credit information for security. (SSL is a widely used security protocol on the internet. It is impossible to understand SSL encoded information, even if a third person tries to intercept the transfer on the internet.)

Kagi accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Optima, Discover, Diner's Club, Carte Blanche, , Carte Bleue, JCB, Eurocard and PayPal.

Download and extract

After purchase via Kagi, you will receive an English e-mail. The e-mail includes a Download-URL and an unlock code.

Simply click on the link in the email to take you to the download page.

The download will be a file compressed in zip format. You will need to input the unlock code from the e-mail when extracting the zip file. After that, you will find two folders, one with music data in AAc format, and the other one with a brochure in PDF format. The brochure includes titles and descriptions of the songs.

Once you downloaded the AAC files, please enjoy it with your iTunes or QuickTime
(Reproduction software is not bundled.)

After MacOS 10.4

If you are using Mac OS 10.4 or higher, you will need Stuffit Expander (for free). (When you try to decompress the file with OS 10.4 itself, you will see the "error 78" on your desktop and unable to enter the Unlock code.) Please make sure that the file can be extracted using StuffIt Expander :
1) Select the zip file and click "Get info" from File on menu bar (or press Command+I keys at the same time)
2) Chenge method to "Open in StuffIt Expander"

Version up

Our products sold in Avant-attaque can be versioned up.
Changes might be things like: "the hall-effects in the 3rd track, and equalizing in the 7th track have been updated", or "more information has been added to the song description".
Please check the version number which appeares like (ver.X.X) following the song title.

When we do a version up, we post the information on this site.

A customer of an old version can obtain the latest edition for free. To do so, the download URL and unlock code mentioned in the email transmitted at the time of the purchase by Kagi are necessary, please do not loose it.
If you lost your unlock code or the URL, Please contact us by e-mail.
For any questions about your purchase refer to info@jinmo.com .