Life 120211

1. Life 120211 (26:02)

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JINMO's 109th album, "Life 120211".
Long waited JINMO's live album, no, it should be called his "Life" album!
Yes, it is his "Life 120211".

This is a live recording of his live show held on Saturday 11 February 2012.
After the show, we made rushed release in just 30 hours! ! !

Instrument that he played is "Jinmoid".
Effector is Z.Vex's "Fuzz Factory" (fuzz), and Cranetortoise's "GC-1"(compressor)  only.
Amplifier is his recent favorite ZT Amp's "Lunchbox".
Needless to say but he didn't used multi-effecter, delay or reverb, not any special effects.
It is exactly fresh raw sound!

The show was in the intense roaring sound in maximum 120dB.
Incidentally, the sound pressure level in a noisy factory is 90dB, train passing on railway underpass is 100dB, machine riveting and car horn makes 110dB, and 120dB is the sound pressure around the jet engine on the plane.
This 120dB is certainly sound level to affect the human body.

The recording has done completely with stereo microphone, without any line signals at all.
At the venue, just like war cameramen, some photographers were faced on JINMO's explosive playing, and they had recorded this show that should be called as war.
For this reason, many shutter noise is also included in this album.
And it also depicts the tense atmosphere of this show.
After the show,  audiences had talked about their surprise and excitement with a lot of words such as "shooting", "barrage" or "bombing".

Following description is JINMO's words in the invitation to the show "Life 120211".


"Two major activities as a musician, "concert" and "composing".
Of these, I've realized almost of my ideal for composing by download release from Avant-attaque.
It made possible to liberate the release timing in response to the intention of the artist, and fully liberalization of contents or sizes.

And the other one, concert, I have attempted various styles to be close to my ideal for a long time.
I wish my concerts would be the "birthplace of new things".
Strongly, I strongly wish so.
That's the place there are no pre-established harmony, no trial-and-error or expressions for the expectations of audiences.
There is Jubilus to meet unexpected "something new", and I wish to be illuminated by unexpected Jubilus that even the player itself unexpected.
At the same time, I wish the people who were there, were not mere spectators.
I wish they were witnesses of an event or a phenomenon, were spiritual cooperators who wish the coming of Jubilus with me, and I wish they were the one who illuminated by Jubilus to meet "something new".
I gave a name "Life" to the jubilant moment that born "something new".
Life is live, life is everyday.
The place suitable for the birth of new things, it would not be an existing commercial space for music industry.
At last we got the place ready for it.
And the people who being illuminated by Jubilus together, I decided to limit the invitation to the one who would be Jubilus.
The attendees for the occasion, are 12 people except me.
At last, I wish you would be the one of them, I strongly wish so.


This concert "Life", has produced by JINMO in order to be "birthplace of new things" by JINMO, and the intention has been splendidly realized.
This is it, its recording.

Cover design and cover picture by photographer Toru Tanno.
There's nothing better than this to represent the "birthplace of new things".

This album "Life 120211" would be the must listen album for all JINMO manias.
By all means, please enjoy at blasting volume so rad!

Just 4 days had passed since the release of previous album "Viano Vorte".
JINMO's 109th solo album "Life 120211" (90th album from Avant-attaque) is now available on Avant-attaque!
Needless to say but it comes with AAC(320kbps) high quality sounds.

HARI Avant-attaque, Ageha Avant-attaque

photo by Mona Abe
photo by Mona Abe
photo by Mona Abe
photo by Mona Abe