Quassatio (ver.1.0)

1. Quassatio 01 (5:34)
2. Quassatio 02 (5:34)
3. Quassatio 03 (5:34)
4. Quassatio 04 (5:34)
5. Quassatio 05 (5:34)
6. Quassatio 06 (5:34)
7. Quassatio 07 (5:34)
8. Quassatio 08 (5:34)
9. Quassatio 09 (5:34)
10. Quassatio 10 (5:34)

JINMO's 107th solo album, "Quassatio".

"Quassatio" means "shaking, shaking hard many times" in Latin.

"When the origin connects the near-future in Ultra-structure (ultra-fine form) of complex and ultra-fine structured rhythm, plectics pulse emerged as a ritual magical device.
It would not shake only the flesh so hard but also the spirit."

"Quassatio" is guitar orchestration work by JINMO.
It is complex, dense multi-layered rhythms music which is quite differ from rhythms originated in common Western music like the albums "Miryam", "Fetishia" and "tar".
It sounds fanatical primitive magic music, but also sounds quite futuristic cyber techno.
The vivid, the strong, but also delicate sounds of percussion, along with erotic tones, with the expression of dynamics, or with the expression of panning swayed on left and right channels, "Quassatio" holds every listener spellbound with expressive sound.

"The Father of quark" Murray Gell-Mann, a Nobel Laureate in Physics, a distinguished fellow of the Santa Fe Institute known as study of complex adaptive systems, has suggested the concept of his research theme as "Plectics".
"Plectics" is a coined word that combined 2 latin words of "simplicity" and "composite".
"Plectics pulse" by JINMO, is an inherited the concept of Dr.Gell-Mann which is the "simplicity" and "complexity" are not contradictory, and it is considered to be undifferentiated rhythm expression in musical time perception.
It is not an artificial "rhythm" that has periodic repetition on the premise, it is suggested to be more free-wheeling "pulse" at the same time.

Shake your body and spirit, everything to plectics pulse of guitar
orchestration, enjoy "Quassatio"!

It has just 9 days  passed since the release of "Jubilus Ultra".
JINMO's 107th album "Quassatio" (88th from Avant-attaque).
Needless to say but it comes with AAC(320kbps) high quality sound.

HARI Avant-attaque, Ageha Avant-attaque