Lovedist (ver.2.0)

1. Lovedist Pic (07:36)
2. Lovedist Tap (07:43)

It is studio live recording album with simple and sexy sound of unaccompanied solo guitar, would be a pair to his previous album "Lovecomp" which had composed in the same time.
It is unlike previous album, is fulfilled with violently beautiful and bountiful Fuzz effects.

Instrument that he played is "Jinmoid".
Effector is Z.Vex's "Fuzz Factory" only.
Amplifier is his recent favorite ZT Amp's "Lunchbox".
JINMO had played them at explosively high volume and recorded the sounds with microphone.

Beautiful photograph on the cover has taken and  designed by Toru Tanno who designed the covers of "Life" series.
And the cover model is Ms.Yuka Nakamura.

Following description is JINMO's words.
And the words capture all of this album.


On one occasion, Mr.Nose described my sound particles as "temperaments of sound particles, it is germination (glossolalia) of new life phenomena" in relation with three "temperaments" of ősattva (light), rajas (energy) and tamas (darkness) őformed from submicron particles of purusha and prakriti that the basis of the phenomenon of lives in Indian Natural Science.
And I was so glad because it is exactly what I thought.

My expression is all my cum.
Every stroke of nanoZen, every sound of NanoPicking, it is my sperm running with the life.
It is the Gene of the soul that I should bequeath on the world.
For me, working is synonymous for ejaculation. It is expression that hot, thick and shining in rainbow colors. It is my cum that hot, thick and shining in rainbow colors. It is overflowing like the infinite seawater in the ocean.

For me, "erotic sound" is not an idiom nor pre-existing semiotic sound.
It is fascinating, it has ample harmonics, spirited than anything else, it is regardless of appearance, It is vehement and innocent sound just like the group of sperms that rush to an ovum without hesitation.

In addition, sexual desire and creative desire, sexual arousal and creative arousal, sexual pleasure and creative pleasure, there's certain similarity between them to me such as they are due to the same secretion.

In addition, the causation of creative urge is on id, and I think it would be filtered, handled and altered by ego like having sex well behaved with common sense... I'd rather to ejaculate with my own id, intensely thick and hot, creative ejaculation as a torrent of Eros, it is comfortable to me.

I feel strong correlation between testosterone concentration and creative urge. Testosterone is not only basis for the instinct of procreation as a male, it is also involved in aggression and activeness. In other words, the more purified art is away from the passiveness or defensiveness.
The most purified art, I think it is opposite to the traces of speculation, and it would be the traces of urge like "riot".

The sense of reality in the life we live, it dwells in overwhelming high energy, high density, high-speed, high pressure, high temperature, high concentration, high purity, high hardness, high brightness of "the sprint and the emission by positive life".
From the sanctuary that is isolated from the sociality that should be obedient to common sense (the greatest common divisor) , positive life rampages alone and innocently to blow screamy its energy.

This is a documentary of glossolalia, or of ejaculation.


This album "Lovedist" would be the must listen album for all JINMO manias.
By all means, please enjoy at blasting volume so rad!

Just 10 days passed since the release of previous album "Lovecomp", JINMO's 114th album "Lovedist" (95th from Avant-attaque) is now available on Avant-attaque!
Needless to say but it comes with Apple Lossless (44.1kHz 16bit) high quality sound.

HARI Avant-attaque, Ageha Avant-attaque