Ginza Rain (ver.2.0)

01. Ginza Rain 01 (03:32)
02. Ginza Rain 02 (03:32)
03. Ginza Rain 03 (03:32)
04. Ginza Rain 04 (03:32)
05. Ginza Rain 05 (03:32)
06. Ginza Rain 06 (03:32)
07. Ginza Rain 07 (03:32)
08. Ginza Rain 08 (03:32)
09. Ginza Rain 09 (03:32)
10. Ginza Rain 10 (03:32)
11. Ginza Rain 11 (03:32)

JINMO's 115th solo album, it's crowning the title "Ginza Rain".

"I like the sound of rain, especially the sound of rain before dawn.
The rhythm is plectics pulse.
Interval of every drop, it is simple to infinity at microcosmic view, is the time of extremely complex systems at macrocosmic view.
This work is plectics pulse of the sound of rain.
Ginza Rain, it functions as the device of magic rituals such as the concatenation of genesis and future, it wets my body, but it also wets my spirit."

"The Father of quark" Murray Gell-Mann, a Nobel Laureate in Physics, a distinguished fellow of the Santa Fe Institute known as study of complex adaptive systems, has suggested the concept of his research theme as "Plectics".
"Plectics" is a coined word that combined 2 latin words of "simplicity" and "composite".
"Plectics pulse" by JINMO, is an inherited the concept of Dr.Gell-Mann which is the "simplicity" and "complexity" are not contradictory, and it is considered to be undifferentiated rhythm expression in musical time perception.
It is not an artificial "rhythm" that has periodic repetition on the premise, it is suggested to be more free-wheeling "pulse" at the same time.

Every rainy day, JINMO always posts about the beauty of the sound of falling rain on the Twitter. We would understand őthat he feels the beauty not only with the tone but also with the rhythms as plectics pulse by this album and his words on the above.

This album "Ginza Rain" is the orchestration album made of only computer generated sound.
Similar to "Miryam", "Fetishia" and "tar", the complex and dense multi-layered rhythms are quite differs from rhythms originated in common Western music.
It sounds fanatical primitive magic music, but also sounds quite futuristic cyber techno.
It sounds urban and futuristic, it also sounds like the sound of rain pouring into the primitive sea before the őrise of mankind in the ancient time.

Enjoy the raindrops of plectics pulse, enjoy the mysterious beauty of rain, feel the drops of falling rain with your body and your spirit!

Needless to say but it comes with Apple Lossless (44.1kHz 16bit) high quality sound.