Up To Eleven (ver.2.0)

1. Up To Eleven 01 (07:33)
2. Up To Eleven 02 (08:04)
3. Up To Eleven 03 (07:49)

JINMO released his 128th album "Up To Eleven".
We are happy to announce that the release of "Up To Eleven" for
download and "Up To Eleven" in High Quality CD at the same time.


"I feel strong correlation between concentration of testosterone and artistic impulse.
Testosterone is not only the foundation of the instinct of procreation as a male, but it also affect activeness and aggression.
In other words, more purified art is away from passiveness or the defensiveness.
The most purified art is opposite to the vestiges of contemplation, it is the vestiges of impulses that would be similar to "riot", I think."(JINMO)

The volume knobs of guitar amplifier is usually up to "10".
The album title "Up To Eleven" is derived from the idiom which is meaning over the maximum, "Turning it up to '11' and play it explosively loud".

As its title suggests, every sound in this album is filled with very strong life force.
JINMO plays intense and unique distorted guitar sounds explosively at high speed like tongues, and complex pulse sounds which should be called as Plectics Metronome overlap the sounds.

Of course JINMO played BassLab's guitar "Jinmoid", and the unique distortion are made by "Shoujou (heaven and earth)" that built jointly by Ideyha and JINMO.
JINMO says that Ideyha's Shoujou is the Pandora box which helps Jinmoid to metamorphose into "hardcore techno machine with voice of wolf". And you know this would be his favorite and an essential for his recent shows.
JINMO played them loud with 200 watts ZT Amp and recorded with microphones.
Thus he used only Shoujou for effector, and he had recorded to focus on reproducing raw sound just adding some adjustment of panning or sound quality.

In addition, the complex pulse sound is also made by Jinmoid.
Here is what symmetrically, through a complex process in a computer sound Jinmoid, was processed into a mechanical feel raw and parallax and above.
It is interesting that the sound is so mechanical but it gives very ferocious biological impressions.

Although above two guitar sounds show completely different vectors, they are just like organic compounded in this album as "vestiges of similar impulse to riot" in both sounds.

Cover design and the picture done by JINMO himself.
"Peony" the flower that with Jinmoid is as a woman's sexual organ, and Japanese sword is a metaphor of man's sexual organ. And they symbolize Eros and Thanatos as well.
As JINMO's words on the beginning, it suggests that this album is based on "strong correlation between concentration of testosterone and artistic impulse".

We recommend this album to guitar manias, contemporary music fans and impromptu music fans but also recommend to edgy techno lovers.
Enjoy "Up To Eleven" so loud as it says!

Just 7 days passed since the release of previous album "Vision".
JINMO's 128th solo album (109th from Avant-attaque) "Up To Eleven" is now available on Avant-attaque!
Needless to say but it comes with Apple Lossless (44.1kHz 16bit) high quality sound.

HARI Avant-attaque, Ageha Avant-attaque